jealousy kills
I'm Jazmin and recently going through a big thing in my life which is being pregnant with my son Noah and hes due on christmas! I am only 18 so yes I am a young mom but I'm still gonna try to be the best mom I can be and still finish college as soon as I can afford it. I love the sea, love raves, love almost all music :) I hate school, hate the people in it.... Live in Texas and hate the weather here. Love food, family, and my true friends. I am such an awkward person but ironically I love meeting new people so talk to me ask me anything, and follow me too!  kid(s) I fucking love
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The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.



wat da dog doin

$0 budget and they made the dog look like he drivin’ the car, this is a cinematographic achievement

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